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February 8, 2015  
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How I met: Richard U'Ren

Richard U'Ren’s book electrified me. I wanted to write about it and interview him. So I pitched exposés to editors, but at that point nobody seemed to be interested in the topic. That didn´t stop me.

I wanted to send Richard U'Ren an email with a request for an interview. Yet, I couldn´t get in touch with him. I contacted the University of Oregon, I became friends with many U'Rens on linkedin and xing, but I still couldn´t get in contact with him.
Over half a year later, I finally got a reply (he had found my note on linkedin, which he seldom visits).

Since I live in Munich, Germany, and Richard U'Ren lives in Portland, Oregon I expected to interview him via telephone or skype. But it turned out that Richard U'Ren spends quite some time every year in Munich, where he and his German wife share a small apartment. It is a ten minute bike ride away from my office.

That is why I was so fortunate to arrange a personal interview at my office, an arrangement I very much prefer to a long distance interview. Since then we have met more than once, and each time I enjoy our evening-long conversations.

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